Workshop | Loopstations

Workshop about Loopstations

Me and my companion Ola Johansson is touring the country with our workshop about looping and explains in detail how musicians can make the most out of it.
We mostly focus on loopstations and samplers such as follow

  • RC-300
  • RC-505
  • Octapad SPD-30
  • Octapad SPD-SX
  • Abelton Live with Push & Novation Launchpad
  • Effects like Hot Hand Wah Filters, GT-10, Nord Drum and much more
  • What will you learn from our workshop?
    • What kind of professional artists and musicians use a loopstation today
    • How to compose songs using a loopstation
    • Make smooth transitions between recorded phrases
    • How to use a loopstation while playing with other musicians
    • To make your unique sound with the loopstation
    • and much more about looping in all kinds of ways

Please contact us for more info and how we can make the workshop customized to your needs.

Organisations visited with our workshop:
Music and Production, Skara
Kulturskolan Smedjan, Tidaholm
N3, Trollhättan
Mariestads Musikskola, Mariestad
eel free to contact them for references.